For your first visit with us, please bring any information your dentist has provided you including referral slip and copies of all x-rays that your dentist may have taken in the last three years. If your dentist has current radiographs, please let us know when Teeth X-Rayyou schedule your appointment, so that we may request them for your initial appointment. Please allow at least 1.5 hours of your time to give us the opportunity to perform a comprehensive periodontal exam including taking any necessary x-rays and to be able to discuss with you our recommendations and answer your questions. We will make every attempt to offer you therapy options that meet your needs. Rarely is periodontal therapy provided on the initial visit unless there is an emergency or acute situation because we believe in your development of trust in us first.

We also feel that quality care is a ‘team effort.’ We ask that, as a patient, you contribute to the care delivery team. First, we ask that you feel free to ask as many questions/explanations regarding our recommendations as needed. Tour the OfficeWe will be glad to explain and answer any and all questions because we feel that your understanding and ease with our recommendations will lead to a successful result. We also appreciate your cooperation in making and keeping appointments: if you are unable to keep an appointment time, then please give us 48 hours notice so that another patient can have access to our care.

Second, the success of periodontal therapy is dependent on your motivation and home care. We will make every attempt to motivate you into ‘feeling good about your mouth and improving the health of your tissues.’ We will focus on positively influencing the future of your oral wellness and not dwell about past events that we cannot change.