Patient Testimonials:

"I can’t believe the change! There was very little pain and the gums healed so fast. I had no post-surgery problems. Dr. Blue’s office is fantastic! I can’t imagine going to anyone else: I would recommend Dr. Blue to anyone. I have been treated like one of the family here. They are about the ‘whole’ you; I am a different person. I smile all the time. This was such a positive life-changing event for me: I will never regret doing this. This has been the best gift to myself that I could ever dream of. Thank you Dr. Blue and staff!"

-Karen K

Esthetic crown lengthening and frenectomy

"Dr. Blue did an excellent job with all respects of the procedure: pre-surgery, surgery and post-surgery. My teeth will be the envy of many back in North Dakota!"

-Harold K.

Osseous Surgery and scaling and root planing

"I am extremely pleased with the results. In the last few months, I have seen numerous dentists and dental offices and none have been as innovative, professional and welcoming as Dr. Blue."

-Jason S.

Alloderm Tissue grafting

"After having many dental and orthodontic procedures performed on me, they’ve become very routine and common. However, the doctor and other employees of this office were especially confident and knowledgeable and that made the process easier and more comfortable."

-Denise G.

Crown Lengthening

"Felt good after 1st day. Everyone in the office was very good."

-Pat. M.

extraction of tooth

"I fretted about the implant for a year trying to decide if I wanted an implant or a bridge, which is less expensive (and I had lost my dental coverage). But I finally decided this was a molar, which is important for chewing, so I should choose the most permanent, strongest, natural replacement. Dr. Blue and her assistant helped me decide on a local anesthetic, and I honestly say that the surgery was painless and no more uncomfortable than getting a filling. Dr. Blue and her staff were very professional and caring. I would definitely recommend this procedure by Dr. Blue to anyone."

-Janice D.


"I felt great after the procedure. The office is very friendly. They make you feel very comfortable and at home.”"

-Chelsea B.

Connective tissue graft

"I feel the procedure was necessary and felt very at home with the doctor and staff. Afterwards hurt, but in time better."

-Teanna P

osseous surgery and connective tissue graft

"Dr. Blue and her staff made sure that I was very comfortable throughout the procedure. The entire office is very friendly and helpful."

-Shelli L.

Bone Augmentation for Implant and implant

"All my years with Dr. Blue have been very positive. I have found her staff to be friendly, polite and professional. Above all, the results of her hard work I have found to be excellent. Good work! The grafting work turned out beautiful."

-John D.

Connective tissue graft and coronally positioned flap

"The implant procedure was probably the easiest, least painful of my periodontal procedures. It was easier than even a cleaning! I went back to work the same day and had very little discomfort. Dr. Blue and her staff were excellent! Preoperation, the procedure, the post-operative period, and the follow-up were great! I highly recommend this procedure and Dr. Blue especially."

-Larry L.

Implant #14